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About Us


Cominfo, was founded in 1990 with a primary focus of advancing the science & development of electro-mechanical components and associated software programs required to operate complex control systems. Through these efforts, Cominfo successfully assembled a unique internal team of specialists & engineers and combined their skills to advance these technologies for our clients and their projects globally. Over the past thirty years, we've developed a particular expertise in the design & manufacture of advanced security access control and validation systems incorporating the latest technologies including our own patented Magnetic Direct Drive (MDD) system, touchless proximity cards, RFID and NFC technologies into our full line of pedestrian security turnstiles and speedgates.  When the COTS market fails to offer an ideal product or feature, we put our engineers to work developing, designing and manufacturing the desired solution in-house like our Smart IR Beams, intuitive LED illuminated reader inlays and our latest addition the patent pending BAR ONE single arm Tripod or Omnipod would be more appropriate.

All of our development, production, distribution and technical support activities are centralized within our "Center of Excellence" headquarter campus in the Czech Republic. We pride ourselves on having all of this expertise in house within our company allowing us to innovate and integrate new technologies to meet the needs of the fast-paced dynamic security market.  While others are seeking support and external expertise - we have the next generation product or upgrade tested and ready to go.  

The distribution of our product line is handled both internally as well as by a highly qualified distributor network selected for their technical abilities, knowledgeable sales force and high degree of professionalism throughout the world and now in North America.

Our additional activities and focus can be divided into the several parts:
Cominfo occupies a prominent position within the Czech Republic and Eastern European Countries as a trusted leader in the field of security related technologies including touchless validation credentials and proximity cards. We developed & trademarked a highly sophisticated application called "INFOS" that offers many features and functions for operating: Time & Attendance System, Facility Access Control & Parking System as well as complete cashless payments system.

We're also a developer and provider of ticketing system for aqua parks and fitness centers. Through the point-of-sale (PoS) network, we can ensure secure cashless remittance in the entire payment zone. This sophisticated & scalable system securely facilitates cashless transfers allowing our customers to offer an enhanced client experience with a convenient secure way to pay & play.  Additionally, we are a provider of key components and parts used in several commercially successful third-party systems including:  electronic locks, card collectors, identification data terminal utilizing bar-code, contactless chip card and biometric readers.

As a top tier producer of advanced security turnstile systems, motorized security gates and mechanical barriers systems, we're confident that our turnstiles and ticketing systems, used in numerous football stadiums and sporting arenas around the world, will meet & exceed the highest requirements for safe and secure entry control systems. Our turnstile systems are also supported by a professional world class sales & service network providing our valued clients the level of support and attention wherever they may require a secure entry solution.

Cominfo, Inc. is also a provider of our trademarked active long-reach RFID identification systems called " VLIT ". Our identification chips are characterized by a very "low-cost of ownership" and exceptional battery life and operational range up to 500m. System can be used as position identification (RTLS system) or for creating wide-range sensor nets. The system utilizes our patented bidirectional communication protocol based on MESH net.

We are a progressive company dedicated to innovation and a desire to constantly improve our products, technical support & services.  We are also strongly dedicated to the principles of an integrated quality system as demonstrated by our strong belief and adherence/compliance to the ISO quality certification program.  We feel this commitment to high quality is the secret to our success and continued growth into new markets.

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