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WAV Player

Our WAV player is a very useful feature for multiple reasons. First, it allows you to set different volume levels for alarms and user tones. This might sound like a trivial feature but in practice it's very useful in keeping your lobby much quieter by reducing the volume level user tones. Most turnstiles only feature a single audio channel and therefore user tones are set at the same volume level as alarm tones. With a single volume for both, user tones such as a "valid card read" tone will be broadcast as loudly as an alarm. The excess noise from user tones at alarm volume levels makes for a constant loud echo chamber in the lobby or entryway, causing people to tune out actual alarm tones. Our WAV player allows you to set the user tones at a lower volume level which reduces noise fatigue and alarm events become more distinct as they are not drowned out by user tones.


The second useful feature of the WAV players is it allows you to the customize your own alarm and user tones. Different alarm events can also have different sounds to better help staff distinguish various alarm types by the sound alone. Digitally synthesized voice files, saved as WAV files, such as “invalid badge” and a variety of other user tones can be programed. 

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