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Smart IR Beams

Our IR beam sensors have been programed with a variety of algorithms, based on data collected from real world scenarios, to improve their detection abilities with minimal false alarms. They can detect up to 1/4 inch gap in tailgating scenarios and have been tuned to be able to tell the difference between common items such as a rolling bag or umbrella versus a second person tailgating. Our IR beams are also programed to sense changes in its environment, such as condensation or dust building up on the glass panels and IR beam lenses, and adjust accordingly. In the event of a sensor beam failure, the beams are programmed to automatically readjust so that the turnstile can still remain functional until the IR beam can be replaced. We also have convenient tools like the sensor beam test within our T-Mon program, that allow users to quickly check that all the beams are functioning properly or quickly identify which beam is causing the issue. 

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