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Third Party Integration

Whether the challenge is to match the existing footprint of a previous installation, working within small constrained areas, or need a specific walkway width, we have a wide variety of products and options that can meet your needs.

Flush/Under Top Mounting

A variety of different validation technologies and readers are utilized in todays entrance control solutions, whether it be guests , tenants, or a ticketing system. With various levels of security and access control needed, multiple reader technologies can be integrated into our cabinets. Our designs also make future upgrades easy seamless and cost effective. 

flush mounting.jpg
RFID Hlava-Dual-Line-2017_vstup.jpg

RFID Readers  

RFID readers are one of the most common solutions in the security industry and many buildings already have these types of systems already integrated into their access control systems. The RFID readers can be integrated under the tops, the front, or side or the cabinet. Our top mounted access control light provides users with directional "right of way" information as well as an intuitive visual cue for where to scan.

Barcode Readers  

Barcode readers are a popular option when dealing with guests and temporary employees and contractors. There are several "all in one" readers that incorporate both RFID and barcode technology or a barcode reader can be mounted in the top or front or side of the cabinet.

Biometric Devices 

Biometric devices are the cutting edge of security entrance control solutions. From facial recognition and iris recognition devices, to touchless and traditional fingerprint scanners, our cabinets and tops are designed to accommodate ease of integration or future addition of these peripherals. Digital thermometers and thermal scanners can also be integrated to prevent potentially ill people from entering during heightened health situations such as the recent Covid pandemic.

Elevator Lift Call

Our turnstiles are designed to seamlessly integrate elevator lift call displays into our cabinet tops or fronts. These modern solutions help streamline traffic flow by efficiently grouping people into elevators during the entry validation process by displaying the elevator car information as users exit the turnstile.

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