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MDD Motor and Locking Brake 

The MDD motor or Magnetic Direct Drive Motor is a patented product by cominfosec that is used in many of our turnstile products. This motor eliminates the need for a gear box making it much more reliable than a typical turnstile motor, and also operates much quieter than a typical turnstile motor as well. This motor is also very powerful, capable of quick opening and closing speeds and has the ability to drive glass panels as tall as 7 feet. Many of our products also utilize a heavy-duty tooth brake that connects directly to the barrier panel, so that when the gate's panels are locked in place no pressure is put on any of the other mechanical components in the turnstile. 


-Maintenace free motor 

-No need for a gearbox, clutch or motor oil

-MCBF 15,000,000

-Humidity and dust resistance

-Ability to drive up to a 7 foot tall glass panel

-Most quite motor offered in the access control industry

-Adjustable torque and speed 

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