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Unique Footprints and Walkway Widths

Whether you are looking to match the existing footprint of a previous installation, are working within smaller or constrained areas, or need a specific walkway width, we offer a range of  options that can meet your needs.

Single or Dual Barrier Swing Panels

In situations where there is a need for multiple lanes and space is a constraint, there is the option to use a single panel to reduce the width footprint and maximize throughput.

single pannel turnstile 603a44da9f449_EasyGate_SPT_R_ParliamentSq_Tasmania_03.jpg
unique footprint.jpg

Walkway Lane Width

In addition to the standard and ADA lane width versions of our products, we offer custom walkway widths to perfectly fit your layout. We can also provide a wider than ADA widths if service carts or wide passage traffic through the lane is required.

Overlaying existing footprint

Updating your turnstiles? If you are replacing a previous turnstile installation, Cominfosec is very skilled at matching a previous installations footprint so that the existing wiring, apertures, and fixing points can be used and concealed, drastically reducing renovation costs.

footprint easygate-elites-tradefides-brno1.jpg
sensor wall EasyGate_SR_Prague_09.jpg

Sensor Wall

Still not enough room for an additional lane but require the throughput? We have a unique solution with the sensor wall. In situations where a single panel is required, the IR beams can be mounted on the adjacent wall.

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