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Visual Cues

Cominfosec turnstiles are equipped with illuminated user cues to assist users and staff. We also have several options available such as the front mode lights, which can be use to create directional one way traffic lanes and provide visual notification of an alarm event at the lane. Visual cues also help establish "right of way" with users as well as provide a clear prompt to proceed upon successful validation. 

Barrier Edge Lights

Illuminated barrier edge lights offer a unique aesthetic and functional advantage to our turnstiles. Barrier panel colors can be set to match your corporate colors, building's interior lighting, or set for special occasions such as pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Company logos or graphics can be etched into the glass and will also be illuminated. Our barrier edge lighting is also unique as we are able to offer this feature on glass panels, which do not scratch like acrylic or plastic panels. 

Access Control Lights

We designed an all in one access light and prox reader mount assembly. This intuitive unique design takes advantage of a users natural instinct to scan their card on the light by having the reader located right below the light. Users with little or no training will pick up on this making it simple and easy for guests and new tenants. 

Mode Lights

Optional front mounted pictogram lighting provides user cues if directional control of traffic is needed. A green arrow or red X is displayed to designate a lane for one way use. The lane light can also signal that a lane is inoperable when a red X is displayed. Mode lights are not typically used in bi-dirrectional traffic applications. 

Under Top Strip Lighting

Illumination of the cabinets top edge using an LED light. The light strips can be set to various colors and can be programed to do a variety of different patterns providing the users a visual cue as they transit the lane. Alarm events are also illuminated drawing attention to fraudulent activity. 

Cabinet Edge Lighting

An LED light bar at the front and rear of the cabinet that can be programed in a variety of colors and effects. They provide a clearly visible cue from a distance when an alarm event or fault is detected. 

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