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Cominfosec has a variety of ways in which we support our customers and partners. From commissioning new installations, training our partners and end users, and a variety of other ways we can provide support, ensuring safety, reliability and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Once up and running you will have a very reliable security solution, and in the event of any complication we are staffed and ready to provide support. With remote diagnostics, our service partners can diagnose issues much quicker and if needed we can assist them remotely so that the problem is resolved with minimal downtime. 

On Site Commissioning

Upon each new installation our technicians are sent out for a commissioning visit where they go through a detailed checklist to ensure the product is installed properly and operating to factory specifications. 

These include 

-Inspection and review of the installation 

​-Verifying electrical wiring and I/O connections

-Configuring parameters and settings

-Ensuring system safety 

-Various testing of the turnstile 

-Setting up desktop/remote controllers 

-Training the on-site staff and local support 

service tech.jfif

Remote Help and Support 

Cominfosec has a team of technicians and support staff ready to assist our customers in the event an issue occurs to ensure our products are running smoothly and safely. In many cases we can identify and provide a solution remotely with tools like our systems monitoring network, which is much quicker than sending a technician to the site. By reviewing data logs collected by our turnstiles we can quickly identify if it is a hardware, software, or external issue and provide the necessary feedback for a prompt solution.

Spare Parts Kit

With a spare parts kit on site, downtime can be reduced substantially. Our diagnostic software can quickly identify if it is a hardware issue and what needs to be replaced in the event of a failure. Our components are easy to replace and with our low voltage platform, very safe to service. In most cases our product can be up and running within minutes if a spares part kit is on site.

spare parts board.jpeg
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