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Standard Options

Cominfosec's base models offer several standard options to accommodate different levels of security and different aesthetic options. Our base models have a range of barrier types and heights as well as features like pressure sensitive tops that can prevent fraudulent climb over scenarios. We also designed our cabinets for future additions or changes in validation technology. Simply change out a front section or top to update the platform. 

Rounded or Square Cabinets 
Most of our turnstiles have the option for a rounded or square cabinet front at no additional cost. 

Barrier Pannels
Most of our turnstiles offer various different options for the height of the glass barrier panels ranging from lowkey waist height panels to full height panels. Turnstiles that utilize the MDD motor can even drive a market leading seven-foot-tall glass barrier panel.

Glass Vs Stainless Steel Tops 

Many of our turnstiles have the option for a stainless steel or a toughened tempered glass top. A glass top can be furnished in any color to match corporate branding. 

pressure sensative tops _DSC3519.jpg

Pressure Sensitive Tops 

To prevent fraudulent entries upon the turnstile cabinets we offer an option for pressure sensitive tops that would trigger alarm in the event someone tried to climb over the turnstile cabinet.

Badge Collection System
In situations where RFID cards are used to handle guest and visitor traffic a badge collection system is a useful solution. Upon exiting, guest badges would require the card to be dropped into the card slot to allow a passage through the turnstile. This is a useful solution to make sure no one walks out without returning their visitor badge. 

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