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Surface Finishes 

Any of the products within the Cominfosec catalogue can be customized with a variety of different finishes. Anything from standard finishes to custom materials and colors to match the architecture or corporate branding can be done.

Stainless Steel

Most of the standard versions of most of our products will feature brushed stainless steel for the cabinet material.  We can also provide maintenance free anodized bronze, copper, or black stainless steel finishes to turnstile cabinets and tops.

RAL Paint

Red, Yellow, white, black or blue.....we offer tough polyester powder coat finishes inany color imaginable to match your corporate colors and branding or fulfill your architectural vision. Available in matte and glossy finishes.       

AISI 316 Stainless Steel

For turnstiles operating in harsh outdoor environments, many of our products are available with AISI 316 stainless steel finishes.

AISI Stainless 601ebb34bc48c_60113d970c8be_26_AISI-316_2.jpg

Alternative Cladding

We also offer turnstile finishes to match the existing materials in your building or lobby to seamlessly blend into the architecture of the building. Our specialty is creating custom designs without sacrificing performance, security, or technology features. Weather its wood, Corian in multiple colors, natural stone, marble cladding and more, we can do what others wont consider doing.

Low Iron and Laminated Glass

Low iron glass is also an options for the glass wing panels and the side infill panels. This glass is also known as extra clear glass because it is more transparent than regular glass. Tinted and frosted glass are available where applicable as well.

low iron glass601824556dc6b_low iron glass.jpg
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