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Cominfosec has a wide variety of swing gate style turnstiles designed to meet the various security and aesthetic requirements of our customers. We offer everything from very secure turnstiles capable of driving tall glass panels and with hard locking abilities as well as some of the slimmest and lowest footprint turnstiles on the market, and everything in between.   

We have several different options for customers looking for tripod style turnstiles. We have options that utilize typical tripod designs as well unique solutions such as our patented bar one turnstile which only has one arm but functions like a tripod.

Many of Cominfosec's popular turnstile models are also available in an outdoor model. These turnstiles are fully protected and IP rated outdoor uncovered use. Our IR sensor beams are also programed to take weather and other outdoor factors like condensation into account.

Cominfosec offers a diverse line of sliding turnstiles. Sliding turnstiles have a high through put rate because of how quickly they can move the panels and are also very secure because they can hard lock.

The pegas line of swing gates are designed with security as well as aesthetics in mind. Swing Gates are useful for situations that require a unique entry space to be secured and are also useful for situations where a wheelchair, cart, or trolly may need access.

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