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Desktop Controllers

We offer a variety of desktop controllers to give security or other personnel the ability to control and give commands to the turnstiles. 


The easy touch is a 10" touch screen that features a graphic user interface and can be used to control large groups of turnstiles. 

Touch Panel.jpg

Touch Panel

The touch panel is a manual turnstile controller that can be placed at the reception desk or security station. The touch panel has physical buttons that are pressed to give commands making the device easy to use and intuitive. 


T-Mon is a program used to control the turnstiles that can be loaded on any windows desktop machine. This program allows you to create custom templates that are user friendly and easy to use. It also includes the passage scheduler which allows the turnstiles to change modes (free exit, card out, off, ect.) based on the time of day or day of the week.

Turnstile Tester Box.png

Turnstile Tester Box

The turnstile tester box is a useful tool when troubleshooting or servicing the turnstiles. The tester box allows for the turnstile to be taken off line and the potential problems caused by an external factor can identified or eliminated.

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