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Systems Monitoring Network

Cominfosec was initially an IT company before migrating into the security world, but has always kept many of the IT aspects around in their security products. All of the major functional components and daughter circuit boards in our turnstiles communicate data back to the central processor confirming they executed the task, instead of just receiving the command. Due to the communication between all of our components and the data that they collect it is much easier for Cominfosec  and our partners to identify a potential problem and quickly diagnose it using our systems monitoring network. 

In the event of a basic board failure or mechanical failure, the systems monitoring network can very quickly identify where the problem is and the part can quickly be swapped out by local support staff.

If the issue is more complex and not easily identifiable, our service technicians can use a remote team viewer session and help you remotely. With a remote session we can identify the potential problems and provide the solution much quicker than if someone needed to travel to the jobsite. 

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