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EasyGate SPTs

Introducing the SPTs. Our Flagship turnstile is now available in a shorter more compact version. With the MDD motor and tooth brake, these turnstiles are well equipped for heavy foot traffic and also have the ability to hard lock. The SPT can drive glass barrier panels up to seven feet tall and is still capable of quick opening and closing speeds. The SPT also does not require a gearbox and operates very quietly when not in an alarm state, making it an ideal choice for school and library settings.

Basic Information

Materials and Finishes 

  • Cabinets - Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Barrier Panels - Tempered Glass

  • Top lid - Stainless Steel or Glass

  • Side Infill Panels - Tempered Glass

  • G model - Rounded Fronts 

  • R model - Square Fronts

  • Custom Finishes

Options and Accessories 


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