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Case Study

The Seattle Space Needle

& Chihuly Garden and Glass


The Space Needle is one of the most prominent buildings amongst the Seattle skyline and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, attracting over one million visitors each year. The tower offers views 360 degree view of the Seattle skyline, Puget Sound as well as the mountains in the distance.

The park is situated in downtown Seattle and is also home to the Chihuly Garden and Glass exabit. The museum features the art of Dale Chihuly.

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Cominfosec was tasked with upgrading the entrance control system for the parks 2 major attractions. Given the layout of the grounds and queueing lines it was decided to move some the ticketing turnstiles outside. This was not only a functional solution as well as a tactical security solution. When the security perimeters are moved further away from the building, the security team can focus on securing the perimeter or other tasks. 

The tourism and retail world has constantly been changing and owners, security teams, and directors have constantly been looking for ways to upgrade their security presence. Our turnstiles with a barcode or QR code scanner integrated into the cabinet can help create a fully automated ticketing experience in a tourist attraction type of environment. 


The pandemic of 2020 and the following years have presented us with the need for various additional security and safety measures, one of them being touchless entry points and ticketing systems. Below is a writeup about our turnstiles being utilized with various other security and safety screening measures at the Space Needle from Seattle's King 5 News.  


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